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There are so many photographers out there, and not only can it be hard to sort through the beginners and the experts but it can be hard to find one that is a good fit for you and your style as well.

I’m here to make that easier for you, lay it all out on the table, and to see if we’d be a good match. Let me tell you why I’m different than the others, why I’m not just another photographer.

Wedding Day Coverage

  • One of my biggest strengths is my retouching skills. At a world-wide conference in Las Vegas called Photoshop World I was awarded for my retouching skills out of thousands of other professional level photographers. And while that is fun, the best part of my retouching skills is that you have access to it on your own photos.

    We won’t have to worry about people in the background, garbage, blemishes, hairs out of place, wrinkled clothes, ugly backgrounds, everyone looking at the same time, you name it and I’ve got you covered.

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