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Green Barn Gardens


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Capacity - 100 Seated/200 Flowing


Outside Catering

No Bar Service Allowed

Events end at 10 PM

For Intimate Event Rental ~ Available from mid-May through Oct 31

For Outdoor Photography Rental ~ Available as weather permits

Contact Green Barn to reserve the barnyard for a one or two hour photography session

Green Barn Gardens offers a beautiful and unique outdoor location ideal for family photos, or intimate special events and parties. In addition to the Green Barn there are groomed areas with flowers blooming, and areas that are more natural county style.

We are so pleased at the number of people who are interested in Green Barn Gardens as a special event venue or as their outdoor photography studio! With our expanded parking and increase in our maximum capacity, we are happy to be able to rent the barnyard for special events, or as an outdoor photograph studio.

Our calendar for 2020 is beginning to fill up. Contact us soon for more information and to schedule a tour of the barnyard. We're looking forward to another beautiful wedding season!!

Thank you for considering our venue for your special occasion!

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